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Welcome to Our Showroom

Our retail showroom is located at 75 Maddox Road # 104, Buford GA 30518 - Phone: (678) 546-0900.  We are open Wednesday-Friday, 12-5 PM.

We have a wide array of items including jewelry and accessories, home decor items, furniture, gifts, gourmet food items, clothing, toys, gift certificates and more. We receive new inventory daily. The showroom also houses a Southern Barter Club membership desk and training center, so members can come in for barter club orientation or to receive training on our barter software. We also offer copying and printing services as a convenience to our members.

The showroom is a "cashless store", meaning that if you're a Southern Barter Club member, other than the sales tax that must be paid in cash, all purchases can be made with your barter dollars. If you're not currently a member, you can purchase items with cash, just like you would at any other retail store. Of course, ultimately, if you're a small business owner, we recommend you join ourtp4 club so that you can acquire what you want without cash by trading your goods and services. Our goal is to help you save your cash. Why pay cash for gifts and home decor items when you can conserve your cash for other essentials? If you're unsure as to what barter entails, go here.

Companies, corporations, retailers and manufacturers with excess or closeout inventory realize the smart practice of trading inventories at full value instead of taking costly markdowns. If you’re a business owner and you’d like to learn more about how you can convert your goods and services in to Southern Barter Club trade dollars that you can use just like cash in our store and among thousands of other businesses, contact us or stop by our showroom and we’ll show you what the innovative tool of barter can do for you and your business!







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